Tuesday, June 2, 2015


My front porch gets direct sun for hours.  I love when people have pots on the front porch with a variety of plants.  The problem for me is anything delicate just fries in the sun and heat.  I had caladium (we would call them elephant ears) in them last year which looked great but if you didn't water them every day they wilted.

This year I tried Lantana which is a Florida plant and more hardy.  I got the one labelled pink but for some reason they are white then some of them turn slightly pink so it is a mostly white plant. 

Since then my Dad told me they are not lantana as the leaves are more fern like.  After much research we found these are Yarrow.  They look very similar to lantana.  I am ok either way I just wanted something that can handle intense sun and these are doing great.  I was told they spread fast but since they are in a container it is not a problem.

Outside in my planters by the french doors I added these cute flowers.

Hopefully they will do well and survive any insect attacks.  I believe these are Pentas and can take direct sun so hopefully they are happy.

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