Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ditching cable

I am with Comcast for internet and tv.  As you guys know, they constantly raise rates and have a lot of fees.  I only get slightly higher then basic cable (no HBO etc).  They had another rate increase and I was not happy.  I have been researching alternatives to cable.

I have talked to others who have switched to Netflix, hulu or got the antenna to get basic tv.  I have also checked with Google fiber to see if they are in my area yet (Atlanta is one of the cities they have targeted to bring their super high speed internet).  They are not in my area.

My understanding is there is no one that is true a la cart channels yet.  Meaning I really only want Disney/ESPN, SyFy, TNT, FX.  I don't want to pay for anything else.  Also if you use Netflix, Roku etc you still need a good internet connection and devices for the tvs. 

So I stuck with Comcast internet and basic cable but did not agree to a 2 yr deal as I think big changes are coming in this area.  What I want is good internet speed, a la cart options or something like Netflix where you can see a lot of shows.  I just have to figure out what to attach to each tv to get Netflix (if I cancel basic cable).  I want to be able to watch shows on all my tvs so I will need some type of devices for each one.  I am looking at Roku, fire stick etc.

Hopefully the right offering becomes available soon so we can ditch cable and lower the cost for tv/internet.

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