Sunday, September 28, 2014

Appliances for my home

I have had my house for a little over a year.  It had been a foreclosure so it needed alot of work when I moved in.  This was the first house I bought that required many updates.  I wanted to keep to a tight budget so I watched sales especially Home Depot since they have good discounts when you buy multiple appliances.

I needed all new appliances which was a daunting thought.  They had been abused and some were not working very well.  I was pretty much a regular at Home Depot asking the appliance associates when was the best time to buy, what was the best brand etc.  It was all worth it as I got amazing deals on all of my appliances.

Here is the kitchen.  I replaced the dishwasher, microwave and gas cooktop.  I had to buy a fridge and washer/dryer set. 

It was alot of expense but I am glad that I got it done.  I won't have to buy any of this stuff for a very long time.

Tips: Look for sales at Home Depot and Lowes where the item is on sale and you get an additional discount when you buy 2 or more.  That really saves money and in most cases they deliver free and haul away your old item for free.  Of course check reviews on the item and ask the associate if the one you want has alot of returns.  At Home Depot they note how many are returned or have problems and will tell you.  That helped me decide between a Whirlpool and LG fridge.  Also their 4th of July sale is very good on discounts.

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